Sean Mack has been a DJ for years at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant, we are psyched to bring his unique personality to the Internet here on The Park.


I started my DJ career in my home near Seaside Heights, at the age of 13 with my record collection of Beatles and Monkees 45's.

Then i moved on to high school and always had a bunch of records under my arm that I used to play in the school library during study hall to turn all my friends on to the new music of the mid 60's, during the summer I would bring my music up to the Himalaya ride ('does anyone want to go faster?") at Casino pier on the boardwalk of Seaside.

There I started to get the reputation of being the "Music King", I eventually became the operator of the ride and began turning the youth onto all the newest Rock & Roll songs of those years.

This is where I honed my mic skills and started my own business, being the DJ in local clubs like the Chatterbox and then continuing on to work in some of the coolest Rock Clubs in the Tri-State area.Through the years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest entertainment personalities in the country,

To this day I keep up on all the latest in the Rock scene, and now it's time to tackle the internet and bring you the music,knowledge, and stories that I have been archiving for the last 40 years.


Sean Mack

                            IN THE MIX AT JENKS IN POINT PLEASANT